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Today’s Deep Space Extra

6 Jul 2020, 15:36 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… Orion is the right – and only – crewed spacecraft capable of extended missions to the Moon and beyond, writes astronaut Tony Antonelli. NASA and its Space Launch System (SLS)/Orion contractor team continue to make progress in preparations toward an initial uncrewed test flight, Artemis 1, in 2021. NASA looks to increase its International Space Station (ISS) crew to seven in October. Comet Neowise on course to become visible in the night sky.
Human Space ExplorationAs structural testing concludes, Orion and SLS look ahead to Artemis-1Coalition Members in the News – Boeing, Lockheed MartinAmerica Space (7/3): Recent parallel milestones achieved in ground tests of the structural test article elements for the Orion Crew capsule and completion of those for the Space Launch System (SLS) are helping to lead the way for NASA’s Artemis 1 test flight, an SLS launch of an Orion capsule without astronauts on a multi-week mission around the moon and back to Earth. More work remains, including a “green run” full duration test firing on the SLS core stage at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, but the milestones support a hoped for Artemis 1 launch late next year.
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