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Dwarf Galaxies at the cutting EDGE of galaxy formation

3 Jul 2020, 23:26 UTC
Dwarf Galaxies at the cutting EDGE of galaxy formation
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This guest post was written by Katy Proctor for an assignment in the “Advanced Topics in Physics: Galaxies” class taught by Dr. Claudia Lagos. As part of the course, students were tasked with writing Astrobite-style summaries of recent and seminal extragalactic research papers.Katy is a final year Masters student at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) at the University of Western Australia. Katy is working under the supervision of Dr. Claudia Lagos and Dr. Aaron Robotham on constraining the free parameters of SHARK, a semi-analytic model of galaxy formation. When not thinking about galaxies, Katy enjoys getting outdoors, playing guitar, and reading.
Title: EDGE: the mass-metallicity relation as a critical test of galaxy formation physicsAuthors: Oscar Agertz, Andrew Pontzen, Justin I. Read, Martin P. Rey, Matthew Orkney, Joakim Rosdahl, Romain Teyssier, Robbert Verbeke, Michael Kretschmer and Sarah NickersonFirst Author’s Institution: Lund ObservatoryStatus: Accepted in MNRAS [closed access], Open access on Arxiv.Despite their small size, dwarf galaxies have proven to be extremely useful probes of galaxy formation. This can be attributed to the fact that dwarf galaxies are sensitive souls: the effect of feedback from either supernovae, re-ionisation, stellar winds or radiative feedback has been shown to be enough ...

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