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Sun Farthest from Earth

3 Jul 2020, 13:14 UTC
Sun Farthest from Earth
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Sun is far away and still its hot summer in the northern hemisphere. This is the question many have, relating to the distance to the Sun and seasons on earth. The seasons on earth is due to the tilt of the earth at 23.5 degrees. Due to this tilt northern and southern hemispheres are exposed to the Sun during certain months of the year. While Northern hemisphere is exposed to more sun during March to September, the Southern hemisphere will be going through winter and situation reverses after September. From September to March Southern hemisphere is exposed to more Sun and it will be Summer in southern hemisphere while northern hemisphere will be experiencing winter. This is how seasons change on earth. Earth Tilt and Seasons Credit:CCEarth makes one full revolution of the Sun in approx 365.256 days. In this orbit around the Sun there are two points where the Sun and earth are closest, called Perihelion, and the other point is the farthest distance between Sun and earth and this point is called Aphelion. The two points Perihelion and Aphelion exists because the orbit of earth around the Sun is not a circular one, it orbits in an elliptical ...

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