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Discovering the Building Blocks of Nuclear Star Clusters

30 Jun 2020, 16:00 UTC
Discovering the Building Blocks of Nuclear Star Clusters
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Editor’s note: Astrobites is a graduate-student-run organization that digests astrophysical literature for undergraduate students. As part of the partnership between the AAS and astrobites, we occasionally repost astrobites content here at AAS Nova. We hope you enjoy this post from astrobites; the original can be viewed at astrobites.org.
Title: The Three Young Nuclear Super Star Clusters in NGC 5253
Authors: Linda J. Smith, Varun Bajaj, Jenna Ryon, and Elena Sabbi
First Author’s Institution: Space Telescope Science Institute and European Space Agency
Status: Published in ApJ
It’s well observed that stars form in clumps, known as star clusters. Around 70% of all galaxies are observed to contain star clusters in their centre (or nucleus), known as nuclear star clusters (NSCs), but it is not clear how they actually came to be there. In addition to how nuclear star clusters actually form, a heavily debated question is where they form. The two mostly likely formation scenarios are either the formation of clusters elsewhere in the galaxy that then migrate inwards, a process known as migration, or the in-situ formation of clusters in the galaxy centre triggered by infalling gas. This Astrobite gives an overview of these scenarios in more detail.
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