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#BlackInAstro Experiences: David Zegeye

26 Jun 2020, 18:02 UTC
#BlackInAstro Experiences: David Zegeye
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This post is part of our series #BlackInAstro. For our cornerstone post, see here. This week, we will be posting a #BlackInAstro story every day for #BlackInAstroWeek. In this installment, we are publishing a post by David Zegeye, a PhD student at the University of Chicago, US. Twitter: @DavidZegeyeI still remember when I was visiting the University of Chicago’s astronomy department during open house weekend. The University is located on the South Side, a historically Black area of Chicago rich with culture. Specifically, the University is in Hyde Park, one of the few South Side neighborhoods with a large population of white residents. Current students were having lunch with prospective students and we were discussing a range of topics about the astronomy department. One prospective asked a question regarding safety around campus, and current students in unison shifted their tone. In quick succession, almost as though there had been a rehearsed script, students gave vague reasons not to leave Hyde Park, all boiling down to saying don’t go to Black neighborhoods on the South Side because there is nothing valuable there. I was thinking about this incident when I saw #BlackInTheIvory trending on Twitter, a hashtag started by Joy Melody ...

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