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Association of Bangalore Amateur Astronomers

Partial Solar Eclipse from Bangalore 21 June 2020

18 Jun 2020, 12:34 UTC
Partial Solar Eclipse from Bangalore 21 June 2020
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After the partial solar eclipse on December 26, 2019 which was visible from Bangalore, now after six months we have one more partial solar eclipse visible from Bangalore. On June 21st Sunday we are going to witness the partial solar eclipse in the morning sky. The eclipse will start at 10:12:56 and at this time Sun will be 58 degrees above the eastern horizon. With proper solar filter or using different safe observing methods its a good idea to start observing couple of minutes before the given time. The start of eclipse is when you see moon disc starts coming inside Sun's disc, this is called first contact, when Sun and Moon discs touch each other. As we observe the dark disc of moon will start covering more and more of the Sun's disc and after reaching a certain point the disc of moon starts to move away. This is called Maximum eclipse, the point or time when Moon covers the maximum surface of Sun's disc. This will occur at 11:47:38 and at this time Sun would have moved higher in the sky at close to 77 degrees from eastern horizon. As we continue observing or photographing we will see ...

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