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A Fast, Blue “Koala” Shines Bright in a Distant Galaxy

15 May 2020, 16:00 UTC
A Fast, Blue “Koala” Shines Bright in a Distant Galaxy
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Editor’s note: Astrobites is a graduate-student-run organization that digests astrophysical literature for undergraduate students. As part of the partnership between the AAS and astrobites, we occasionally repost astrobites content here at AAS Nova. We hope you enjoy this post from astrobites; the original can be viewed at astrobites.org.
Title: The Koala: A Fast Blue Optical Transient with Luminous Radio Emission from a Starburst Dwarf Galaxy at z = 0.27
Authors: Anna Y. Q. Ho et al.
First Author’s Institution: California Institute of Technology
Status: Accepted to ApJ
Furry Animals and Relativistic Transients
Astrophysicists love clever titles, and in transient astronomy, we can get some fun ones! Transient sky surveys discover thousands of new explosions every year, with each one receiving a name based on when it was discovered. For example, in 2018, a peculiar transient called Astronomical Transient (AT) 2018cow was discovered and aptly deemed “the Cow” after the last letters of its International Astronomical Union (IAU) name. Coincidently, the Cow happened to be so unique that it received worldwide acclaim as one of the most exciting discoveries of 2018!
Following its discovery, the Cow became the prototypical transient in a new class of explosions called Fast Blue Optical Transients ...

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