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Sky This Week - Thursday May 7 to Thursday May 14

4 May 2020, 13:55 UTC
Sky This Week - Thursday May 7 to Thursday May 14
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The full Moon is Thursday May 7. Venus is prominent in the evening sky after twilight heading towards Beta Tauri (Elnath) and is closest on the 11th. Three bright planets are visible in the morning skies. Jupiter dominates the morning skies near Saturn and the pair are above Mars. Jupiter and Saturn are now rising before midnight, on the 12th The waning Moon from a triangle with the pair. Eta Aquariid Meteor shower (mornings May 7-8) and comet C/2020 SWAN visible.The full Moon is Thursday May 7.Evening sky at 18:21 ACST on Monday, May 11 (60 minutes after sunset) looking west as seen from Adelaide. Venus is prominent low in the sky and is at its closest to Beta Tauri (Elnath). The inset shows the telescope view of Venus.Venus is a distinct "crescent Moon" shape in even small telescopes. Similar views will be seen elsewhere in Australia 60 minutes after sunset, click to embiggen.Evening sky at 23:00 ACST on Tuesday, May 12 facing east as seen from Adelaide.The trio of Jupiter, the waning Moon and Saturn are rising above the Eastern horizon.Similar views will bee seen elsewhere in Australia at the equivalent local time, click to embiggen..The inset show Jupiter ...

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