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Irene W. Pennington Planetarium

Lore of the Constellations: Leo

20 Apr 2020, 16:00 UTC
Lore of the Constellations: Leo
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In this special video series, Jay Lamm, Planetarium Producer and Technical Manager at the Irene W. Pennington Planetarium in the Louisiana Art & Science Museum, will take you on a historical stroll through how some of the most notable Spring constellations got their names. After all, have you ever wondered what “Boötes” meant or why we honor “Virgo” with a special group of stars? There will be four videos for four notable constellations. The first involves the easy to find Leo, the Lion.
Around the 8’clock hour, you can find Leo in your Spring sky.
In fact, this picture was taken right outside my house using long exposure photography.
But you don’t need a special camera to view Leo as the backward question mark or sickle shape forming the head of the lion is very easy to find.

Still having a hard time locating Leo?
Here is Leo outlined.

Again, this is right outside my house and almost directly overhead. You can see how large a constellation Leo really is. Of all the 88 constellations, Leo is the 12th largest and one of the easiest to recognize.
It’s hard to miss with its sickle of stars forming the ...

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