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12 Dec 2016, 16:04 UTC
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Artist’s impression of Rosetta’s descent on the comet on 30 September 2016. Credit: ESA/ATG medialab
Some ten weeks have passed since Rosetta ended its mission on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, and it is time for a little reflection here on the Rosetta blog…
Over the past three years, we have written over 670 posts covering mission operations, science highlights, special events, images of the comet, and so much more. The blog has become a reference for a wide audience, ranging from science journalists to space enthusiasts, from casual readers to educators and even Rosetta mission scientists and operators.
Beyond that, it has become a place for people to share their ideas and concerns. When we re-launched the blog in 2013, we did not expect the huge number of comments that came in – almost 18,600 to date – and certainly we didn’t envision the considerable amount of time needed to moderate them! But we learned a lot from the comments, some of which became lengthy discussions, and which on occasion triggered new blog posts or direct engagement between readers and mission experts.
However, with the flight phase of the mission now over there are obviously no longer any news ...

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