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Today’s Deep Space Extra

19 Feb 2020, 15:01 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… The debate about most effective human deep space exploration strategy continues. Any course will require a heavy lift rocket investment. SpaceX opens a door to orbital space tourism with Space Adventures agreement. Michigan considers a spaceport.
Human Space Exploration
The pros and cons of a lunar pit stopThe Atlantic (2/18): As NASA strives for an accelerated return to the surface of the Moon with human explorers in 2024, the debate among policymakers, even veteran astronauts over whether to include the Moon first as part of a strategy to explore Mars and how quickly continues.
Space Science
First research results on the ‘spectacular meteorite fall’ of FlensburgPhysics.org (2/18): Flensburg is a meteorite that fell to Earth in northern Germany last September. Soon recovered, it was presented to regional scientists for study. It turns out the stone is a rare carbonaceous chondrite with minerals that formed in water during the early history of the solar system.
Op Eds
Escaping the tyranny of the rocket equationCoalition Member in the News – BoeingScientific American (2/18): NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) and Block 2 upgrades to the upper stage hold the promise of opening the Moon and Mars to human ...

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