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Red Galaxies at Night, Astronomers’ Delight!

18 Feb 2020, 14:00 UTC
Red Galaxies at Night, Astronomers’ Delight!
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Title: The Dawn of the Red: Star formation histories of group galaxies over the past 5 billion years Authors: Sean L. McGee, Michael L. Balogh, David J. Wilman, Richard G. Bower, John S. Mulchaey, Laura C. Parker, and Augustus OemlerFirst Author’s Institution: University of Waterloo, Ontario, CanadaStatus: Accepted to MNRAS, open access on arXivGalaxies are a true wonder of the universe. Unimaginably vast, they can contain up hundreds of billions of stars. The location of a galaxy is an important factor in its overall evolution, as this process can be influenced by its surroundings. A key quantity that can measure the effect of a galaxy’s environment is the star formation rate (SFR). Among other things, the SFR gives an insight into how active the galaxy is. Curiously, the overall star formation rate of galaxies in the universe has decreased over time, with peak star formation having already occurred in the early universe. Even more perplexing is how this general reduction has been shown to apply to galaxies across (almost) all stellar masses. Today’s work is tasked with determining whether this general reduction applies across all environments.
Identifying Individual Galaxies with FriendsIn order to study the large scale influence of environmental ...

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