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Boeing & NASA admit multiple anomalies on Starliner mission

7 Feb 2020, 23:03 UTC
Boeing & NASA admit multiple anomalies on Starliner mission
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After saying for weeks the spacecraft and systems performed “as designed” after recovering from a Mission Elapsed Timer issue just 31 minutes after launch and point-blank saying that no other anomalies occurred on the mission, Boeing and NASA have now admitted that two more serious issues — one of which could have led to the Loss Of Vehicle — occurred during Starliner’s first mission.
The public admission came only after the Aerospace Safety and Advisory Panel (ASAP) publicly outed the two companies on Thursday afternoon, sending NASA and Boeing scrambling to hold a press conference and release information for “transparency”.
In a statement on their website on Friday, 7 February, NASA revealed three serious anomalies on Starliner’s truncated two day Orbital Flight Test back in December.
According to NASA, “Following the anomaly that occurred during the December Boeing Starliner Orbital Flight Test, NASA and Boeing formed a joint investigation team tasked with examining the primary issues which occurred during that test. Those issues included three specific concerns revealed during flight:

An error with the Mission Elapsed Timer, which incorrectly polled time from the Atlas V booster nearly 11 hours prior to launch.
A software issue within the Service Module Disposal ...

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