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You should get Twitter…for science!

17 Jan 2020, 22:33 UTC
You should get Twitter…for science!
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Author’s Note: I’m in graduate school in the US so most of my experiences come from a US-based perspective.The phrase “Hi, we know each other from the internet!” might have been something weird to say a decade ago, but now it’s one of my favorite icebreakers for meeting people in astronomy. The first time someone said this to me, I felt a wave of joy and excitement, realizing that I had made a real connection through my time on Twitter. Olivia (@livwithoutlimit, an astrochemist and science artist) and I mutually followed each other on Twitter, supporting each other as women who make zines and other art about astronomy and science. When I was visiting her institution, she showed up to my talk and introduced herself, with pretty much that exact sentence the friendship was made!I’ve now done the same thing to multiple people at conferences, and personally, social media has helped me feel like, despite the geographic separation, there’s a really strong, interconnected community in astronomy (and I’m a part of it – take that, impostor syndrome!). I learn about science news, get inspired by other scientists, and meet new people, all on Twitter. That leads us to today’s Astrobite ...

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