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Today’s Deep Space Extra

30 Oct 2019, 15:52 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… NASA shares details of lunar surface missions. UAE plans to expand astronaut corps. James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) progress toward preparations for a March 2021 launch.
Human Space Exploration
NASA shares details of lunar surface missions — and they’re pretty coolArstechnica.com (10/29): The Lunar Exploration Advisory Group will wrap up a three day session in Washington D.C. on Wednesday. Participants on Tuesday discussed unfolding plans for the Artemis 3 mission that is to mark NASA’s accelerated return to the lunar surface with human explorers in 2024. The two person crew should have an unpressurized rover to extend their explorations as they touchdown at the south pole and equipment to search for deposits of water ice in permanently shaded crater recesses and the ability to collect samples for return to Earth. A week-long stay is envisioned. As NASA and its commercial and international partners strive to achieve a sustained lunar presence by 2028, they will have a pressurized rover and/or a surface habitat for up to four crew members.
UAE plans to expand astronaut corpsSpaceNews.com (10/25): Just weeks after celebrating the recent flight of its first astronaut, Hazza Al Mansoori, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is ...

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