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Today’s Deep Space Extra

3 Sep 2019, 18:15 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… U.S. leadership in space promises dividends from a growing space economy. NASA’s international partners pledge support for an early lunar orbiting, human tended Gateway. Florida’s space coast braces for a brush with Dorian.
Human Space Exploration
ISS partners endorse modified Gateway plansSpaceNews.com (8/30): NASA’s four partner agencies in the International Space Station (ISS) have signed a statement in support of an initial lunar orbiting, human tended Gateway capable of supporting an accelerated return of human explorers to the surface of the Moon in 2024. The original date for Gateway completion was 2028 with international contributions. The earlier date called for by the White House in March will require a Gateway with power and propulsion and minimum habitation components, which could mean a delay in the overall assembly of partner elements.
America must lead in settling the new frontier The Hill (8/28): Continued U.S. leadership in space depends on adequately funding NASA and other strategic investments, historically a bipartisan priority, writes Christian Zur, U.S. Chamber of Commerce space policy specialist. Budget pressures are mounting. “But without Congress and the administration allocating robust resources, the budget pressures of today will sacrifice the nation’s future share of the ...

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