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Wish list for space video games.

25 Aug 2019, 20:37 UTC
Wish list for space video games.
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Kerbal Space ProgramThe Kerbal Space Program has demonstrated video games can be a very effective teaching tool.It used to be very frustrating trying to talk about orbital mechanics. Use a word like "perigee" and eyes would glaze over as the audience tunes out.But now there are many KSP players who are comfortable with terms like The Oberth Benefit, Bi Elliptic Transfers and other what use to be arcane, esoteric notions.I'm hoping for more scientifically accurate games to make their way into pop culture.Wish Number 1: Shotgun N-body simulationsReaders of this blog may know I'm a little obsessed with EML2 (Earth Moon Lagrange 2).Many of my delta V numbers from EML2 assume dropping from EML2 using the Farquhar route and then insertion to a transfer orbit when moving ~11 km/s at perigee.The Farquhar RouteHowever Farquhar's well done graphic is a simplification. A ship departing from from the EML2 region would not depart from a point. Rather it would drop from a halo or lissajous orbit about EML2. There are a multitude of possible orbits in this region.Dropping from different parts of a halo orbit will result in different longitudes and latitudes for a perigee. And if you're doing a perigee burn ...

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