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Leaving the Solar Doldrums?

14 Aug 2019, 04:34 UTC
Leaving the Solar Doldrums?
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The above chart, shows we are at the bottom of the solar cycle (Solar Cycle 24). It looks like the predictions for the progression to Solar Cycle 25 could be pretty good. We have already seen new sunspots with the correct magnetic polarity for the new cycle.

The northern pole of the Sun has been pretty busy too:

This polar jet from 22 July 2019 is about 33 percent of the solar radius.

I am looking forward to this cycle even more than usual. I want to see what happens when a big solar storm gets going. In 2003 my employment required I wear a pager. We used a satellite-based emergency pager and it was great, that is until the Halloween Storms; marking the end of that pager and I believe and pager company.

What about today? So much more of technology susceptible to space weather is commonplace, from getting driving directions in our cars to seeing if our front door is secure. The field of space weather and the cadre of researchers and satellite operators are in for interesting times ahead.

Images courtesy: XRT mission / Royal Observatory of Belgium / Harvard Univ.

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