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Astrophiz 87: Prof Jonti Horner – Exobiology Pt3

29 Jul 2019, 06:22 UTC
Astrophiz 87: Prof Jonti Horner – Exobiology Pt3
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Astrophiz 87: Professor Jonti Horner – Exobiology Part 3
‘Habitability, planet-killing asteroids, the GALAH survey and Galactic Archeology’
AKA ’The slowest game of chess that’s ever been played’
+ ‘What’s Up Doc’ with Dr Ian ‘Astroblog’ Musgrave.
Listen: OUT ON THURSDAY – link here

In Part 3 of an extended three part interview, our featured guest is again Professor Jonti Horner, the Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia. With thousands of citations, he is an esteemed Astronomer and Astrobiologist who researches Exoplanets, Exoplanet Habitability and the evolution of our Solar system. Jonti has lead the construction of the newly commissioned MINERVA-Australis exoplanet search and follow-up facility at the USQ Mt. Kent Observatory.

In todays episode we hear about how the media needs to stop speculating about Earth II until we actually find one, and how often we can expect meteor impacts on earth cities. Jonti explains the origins and causes of meteor showers

Our regular host Dr Ian Musgrave tells us what to look for in the night skies for the next two weeks.

In the News:
.1. Ironically, given Jonti’s presentation today about rogue asteroids, we hear that we had a ‘near-miss’ asteroid transit ...

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