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Today’s Deep Space Extra

27 Jun 2019, 13:20 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… Japan sets July 11 as the date for a second landing of its Hayabusa 2 spacecraft of the surface of the asteroid Ryugu to collect samples for return to Earth. Well preserved Moon rocks collected by the Apollo astronauts will be subjected to study using new generations of laboratory equipment.
Space Science
Hayabusa2 to attempt second landing on asteroidNHK of Japan (6/25): Hayabusa2, Japan’s asteroid sample return mission to Ryugu, will make a second attempt to land and collect a sample of a primitive planetary body that may have provided water and organics to the planets as the solar system formed about 4.6 billion years ago. With difficulty, Hayabusa 2 landed briefly on Feb. 22 for its first surface sample. In April, it descended to drop an explosive impactor on the surface to expose subsurface material for a second possible sample collection attempt. After assessing whether it could land safely a second time, the mission team announced this week it will attempt to land on July 11 to gather some of the exposed material near the 10 meter impact crater.
NASA selects planetary mission proposals large and smallSpaceNews.com (6/27): NASA is preparing to announce ...

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