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Today’s Deep Space Extra

7 Jun 2019, 14:00 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… Without a recently requested $1.6 billion supplement to the agency’s 2020 budget request, NASA will not be able to accelerate a human return to the Moon from 2028 to 2024, says NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. At the same time, NASA’s Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel is urging the lawmakers and NASA not to under fund or agree to risky shortcuts during the pursuit.
Human Space Exploration
NASA chief: 2024 Moon landing ‘off the table’ if Congress doesn’t approve Trump request for extra fundsUSA Today (6/6): NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine delivered an ultimatum in an exclusive interview with USA Today on Thursday. Either Congress agrees to the $1.6 billion 2020 fiscal year budget supplement request for NASA sought by the Trump administration earlier this year, or efforts to accelerate a return of human explorers to the surface of the Moon from 2028 to 2024 is “off the table.” On March 11, the White House requested $21 billion for NASA in 2020, a $500 million cut over the 2019 appropriation. On March 26, Vice President Mike Pence directed NASA plan for a 2024 landing at the Moon’s south pole. On May 13, the administration asked for the $1.6 ...

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