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Today’s Deep Space Extra

3 Jun 2019, 10:58 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… As the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 nears, talk of future as well as past lunar voyages grows. NASA names three companies selected to deliver science payloads to the lunar surface. Astronomers ponder volcanism on Pluto.
Human Space ExplorationInsulation applied to final SRB segment for Artemis 2 missionCoalition Member in the News – Northrop Grumman
Spaceflightinsider.com (5/31): The insulation activities by Northrop Grumman are advancing development of a second NASA Space Launch System (SLS) heavy lift rocket for the Artemis 2 mission, a SLS/Orion test flight that will send astronauts around the Moon and back. It will follow Artemis 1 which will follow a similar course but without astronauts in the late 2020/2021 time frame. All are to set up a human return to the lunar surface by U.S. astronauts in 2024, a flight designated Artemis 3.
‘Forgotten’ Moon landings astronaut says Mars should be next space destination
9 News of Australia (6/2): Michael Collins, the Apollo 11 Moon mission command module pilot, reflects on his role aboard the historic 1969 mission, which will mark its 50th anniversary in July. Now, says Collins, it’s time to forge ahead to Mars with human explorers.
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