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Today’s Deep Space Extra

10 May 2019, 15:24 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… Blue Origin presents its version of a commercial lunar lander that could join NASA’s efforts to return to the surface of the Moon with human explorers by 2024. Some experts are not ruling out some form of life on Mars. A plentiful sub Neptune class of extra solar planets may offer water worlds.
Human Space Exploration
Jeff Bezos unveils Blue Origin’s plan to land on the Moon
Axios (5/9): Amazon founder Jeff Bezos presented his Blue Moon concept for a lunar lander Thursday during a Washington ceremony. Built by Blue Origin, the commercial space company he founded to develop a family of suborbital and orbital launch vehicles, Blue Moon could be a commercial partner in NASA’s quest to return to the surface of the Moon with human explorers by 2024. The earliest version would transport cargo, an advanced version of the lander would transport humans to the lunar surface.
Why the Moon’s south pole may be the hottest destination in space
Coalition Member in the News – University of Mississippi
NatGeo.com (5/9): Blue Origin joins a fleet of space agencies and other private groups with their sights set on the lunar south pole. But ...

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