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Why ARM? NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission

21 Jan 2015, 22:26 UTC
Why ARM? NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission
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NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) is Vital to the Future of Humanity in Space

For 50 years NASA has been the world leader in space exploration and development, ushering humanity into the space age through innovative technologies and unparalleled scientific discoveries. As we push forward to a new space agenda focused on long-term human settlement, NASA’s leadership is key to removing barriers and creating new capabilities. In order to settle the final frontier, humanity must learn to “live off the land” by utilizing the vast resources of space. The first step in this process is through the Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM).
NASA will announce in February whether they will gather and return an entire small asteroid, or a piece of a larger asteroid, repositioning the material into orbit around the Moon. Astronauts, and eventually private companies, will then be able to study the material in an effort to better understand the resources available from near-Earth asteroids.


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