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How Does a Radio Telescope Work?

5 May 2019, 14:51 UTC
How Does a Radio Telescope Work?
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Question: I understand that in some ways a radio telescope works much like an optical telescope. I’m quite confused about how and why radio telescopes produce images that look like photos. I understand that these images represent indexical recordings of intensity, and that they also enjoy a degree of artistic license. I’d like to know what form the sensors of radio telescopes take and what form the recordings of radio telescopes take. I’d like to know too, how these recordings are translated into 2D images. Are they are also imaged in 3D models and do they take other forms like graphs? — JJ

Answer: I believe that your question was perhaps answered previously at https://blogs.nrao.edu/askanastronomer/2015/06/26/how-to-make-images-with-a-radio-telescope/. If this previous post does not answer your question, please do let us know.

Jeff Mangum

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