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Bridenstine's Why The Moon Matters

6 Apr 2019, 22:47 UTC
Bridenstine's Why The Moon Matters
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Back in December 29, 2016 Bridenstine made a blog post "Why The Moon Matters". Bridenstine was representative of Oklahoma at the time.Sadly the post was taken down when Bridenstine left his post as representative and became NASA administrator. But I recently found the post using the Wayback Machine.Bridenstine's reasons were pretty the same arguments made by lunar scientist Paul Spudis (RIP).I post it here for historical reference. Copying and pasting:Jim's BlogWhy the Moon Mattersby Rep. Jim Bridenstinef t # eWashington, December 29, 2016 | 0 commentsOn July 20, 1969, the free world won the space race when an American flag was planted on the Moon. Twelve Americans walked on the Moon during the Apollo program, resulting in a treasure trove of knowledge not only about the Moon, but about the universe. Even better, by demonstrating the United States’ political, economic, and technological prowess, it played a part winning the Cold War. In 1983, Ronald Reagan introduced the Strategic Defense Initiative to defend the free world from nuclear ballistic missiles. While many called it destabilizing, and even suggested it was impossible to achieve, the Soviet Union took it very seriously, made every effort to eliminate it, and spent whatever it took ...

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