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2019 data update (2/n)

22 Mar 2019, 14:31 UTC
2019 data update (2/n)
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[Orig: March 21, 2019]Hi everyone,It is that time of year when the star is now visible to observe once again. Nothing exciting to report over the past couple weeks, as you can see from this graph showing observations back though Elsie up to now: On a side note: you may notice that the error bars on our observations are larger than back in 2017. This is because we are not taking as many observations during a 24 hour period compared to 2017 when the star was dipping, and the larger the number of observations we have in a daily average will make the error bar smaller. One exciting bit of news to share is that the TESS satellite will be pointed at our star for a couple months this summer (2019-Jul-18 to 2019-Sep-11). The TESS mission is somewhat similar to Kepler in that it is taking brightness measurements of stars in order to search for transiting planets. This is exciting because it will provide us a nearly uninterrupted stream of data during this time. Also, our team put in a TESS proposal for 2 minute cadence observations (as opposed to default of 30 minute cadence observations), and if the proposal ...

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