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Orbital Mechanics Coloring Book 2nd edition

13 Mar 2019, 17:48 UTC
Orbital Mechanics Coloring Book 2nd edition
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CostsThe folks making the first edition went belly up. So the first edition is out of print. I want to do a second edition. The makers of the first edition would print it in batches of around 50 (I believe) and cost of printing was $6.00/book. Suggested Retail Price was $10.00.Checking my Amazon author's page over the years I believe around 2000 coloring books were sold. When you get into quantities in the thousands, set up costs of traditional printing are amortized over more units and traditional lithographic printing is cheaper.I recently asked for quotes:Given the small cost difference between 56 and 64 pages, I've decided to go for 64 pages.The first edition was 40 pages. Given the new book has 24 more pages and the cost is a lot less, I believe it's a good gamble I can sell 4000 2nd edition coloring books.I'm thinking of an Suggested Retail Price of $4.99 and to retailers I would charge $2.99.Sadly the past decade or two hasn't been kind to the newspaper industry. Our weekly newspaper is still hanging on but my sister and business partner likes to say we're in the buggy whip business. I am thinking of attempting a ...

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