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CIMRex: Heading out to the Arctic for new mission concept

4 Mar 2019, 16:10 UTC
CIMRex: Heading out to the Arctic for new mission concept
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The current suit of Copernicus Sentinel satellite missions provide a myriad of information that feeds into the Copernicus Services to help address challenges such as urbanisation, food security, rising sea levels, diminishing polar ice, natural disasters and, of course, climate change. Looking to the future, six high-priority candidate missions are being studied to address EU policy and gaps in Copernicus user needs, and to expand the current capabilities of the Copernicus space component.
As part of this development phase, scientists have headed to the Arctic to collect data in support of one of the missions: the Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer, CIMR, mission.
Potential coverage over Arctic by CIMR. (ESA)
This campaign is a team effort involving ESA, DTU Space, Aalto University, Harp Technologies, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, University of Bremen, the Danish Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.
The aim is to collect data that will help develop new algorithms for sea-ice concentration and sea-surface temperature – CIMR’s core business.
CIMRex flight plan. (DTU Space-R. Forsberg)
The campaign involves flying a system called the HUTRAD 2.0, to measure the brightness temperatures of different ice regimes and open water at three different frequencies, 6.8, 10.65 and 18.7 GHz, corresponding to ...

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