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Today’s Deep Space Extra

11 Feb 2019, 13:36 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… NASA’s 13th administrator calls on American companies. NASA seeking proposals for lunar lander system. Russia looks to develop new rockets for exploration. Slingshot joins the small satellite launch provider community. New images reveal Ultima Thule looking nothing like a snowman.
Human Space Exploration
NASA: Join us in going to the Moon…and beyond
OZY.com (2/8): The U.S. space agency’s 13th administrator asks private American firms to help launch a bold new initiative. “We are calling on American companies to help design and develop human lunar landers, reusable systems for astronauts to land on the Moon”. “We are going to the Moon with innovative new technologies and systems to explore more locations across the surface than we ever thought possible”. “This time, when we go to the Moon, we will stay”.
NASA seeking proposals for human-rated lunar lander systems
Spaceflightinsider.com (2/9): With SLS and Orion in the latter stages of development, NASA wants to work with industry to develop a human-rated lunar lander by the mid-to-late 2020s. NASA is working to return astronauts to the Moon under Space Policy Directive-1. In order to do that sustainably, the agency announced plans on December 13, 2018, to work ...

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