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2018 data update (40/n)

4 Dec 2018, 15:36 UTC
2018 data update (40/n)
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[Orig: November 30, 2018]Hello everyone!Today I have a few items to share with y'all.The first is the usual update on the most recent data we have on the star. Just like the last few months, we are not able to detect any significant activity, and the brightness levels remain a bit elevated compared to the pre-Elsie brightness back in 2017 May. Looking ahead, the star is becoming less and less available to us Earthlings as the year progresses. This is simply due to where the Earth is in its orbit around the Sun. In another month or so we will lose sight of the star for a few months. Like previous years, we will monitor it during this time with the Swift space telescope. We propose to observe at a ~3 day cadence, which will be able to detect any large, long lasting event.The second item I wanted to share is a super cool (maybe a bit crazy) idea we had involving the community on the research we do. This idea was inspired by discussions in the star's sub-reddit over the past few years, where the topics have covered practically everything but astronomical image analysis. Then I asked myself, why ...

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