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Today’s Deep Space Extra

31 Jan 2019, 15:46 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… NASA’s annual Day of Remembrance set for February 7. Despite a rough start, 2019 should be favorable for the U.S. civil space industry. Russia, Japan unveil future human exploration strategies.

Human Space Exploration
Postponed by shutdown, NASA’s Day of Remembrance happens next week
Space.com (1/30): NASA’s annual Day of Remembrance, a tribute to the 17 astronauts who perished in the January 27, 1967 Apollo 1 fire, the January 28, 1986 shuttle Challenger and February 3, 2003 shuttle Columbia tragedies has been rescheduled for February 7. Previously set for January 31, memorial activities were re-scheduled because of the record partial U.S. government shutdown that affected agencies like NASA and ended last Friday.
Russian space firm unveils scheme of crewed flight to Moon
TASS of Russia (1/30): A Russian Energia Space Rocket Corp. strategy to transport cosmonauts to the lunar surface would involve two launches using the planned Angara heavy lift rocket and the Federation crew capsule. Separate launches would first place a lunar lander/ascent vehicle in lunar orbit, where it would wait for about six months the arrival of the Federation spacecraft and its crew for a descent to the lunar surface and return.

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