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Today’s Deep Space Extra

11 Jan 2019, 15:00 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… Hubble space telescope operators express confidence they will overcome a problem with the observatory’s primary camera. China’s lunar rover offers panoramic views of the Moon’s far side. NASA’s workforce among those in the federal workforce dealing with a growing partial U.S. government shutdown.
Human Space Exploration
Extreme bacteria on the Space Station are evolving to handle the harsh conditions, not to make astronauts sick
Universe Today (1/10): Some bacteria that accompany astronauts into space for life aboard the International Space Station are adjusting rapidly so as not to pose a threat to future human deep space exploration, according to a study carried out by researchers from Northwestern University.
Looking up: Meet General Charles Bolden, Jr.
WVXU public radio ((1/10): Former NASA administrator Charles Bolden, a former NASA astronaut and Marine aviator, addresses the challenges of future human space exploration.

Space Science
Astronomers foresee long future for Hubble
SpaceNews.com (1/10): Astronomers are confident NASA will overcome a problem with the Hubble space telescope’s primary imager, the Wide Field Camera 3, and continue operating the landmark space observatory well into the 2020s. The topic of Hubble’s future was discussed this week at a meeting of ...

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