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Today’s Deep Space Extra

4 Jan 2019, 14:38 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… 2019’s first week features a pair of space firsts, China became the first to land a spacecraft, Chang’e 4 on the Moon’s far side. The U.S./NASA New Horizon’s mission spacecraft flew by Ultima Thule, the most distant object ever visited by a spacecraft. A U.S. government shutdown that includes NASA and NOAA continues, even with the swearing in Thursday of a new Congress.
Space Science
China’s Yutu 2 rover is driving on the far side of the Moon
Space.com (1/3): China’s Chang’e 4 mission scored a first earlier this week as the lander/rover combination became the first spacecraft to touchdown softly on the Moon’s far side. On Thursday, the rover, Yutu 2, begin operations at the landing site, von Karmen Crater at the South Pole/Aitken Basin. The spacecraft duo is communicating with its control center in China over a Chinese lunar communications satellite.
First photo of Chinese Yutu-2 rover exploring far side of the Moon
New Scientist (1/3): China’s Chang’e 4 Moon lander has transmitted an image of its Yutu 2 rover moving off to explore the mission’s landing site at the South Pole Aitken Basin. Chang’e 4 became the first spacecraft to soft land ...

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