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Today’s Deep Space Extra

18 Dec 2018, 15:53 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… NASA looks back at its 2018 achievements, from activities aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to the landing of the latest spacecraft on the Martian surface and what they mean for the future. Saturn’s rings appear to be slowly disappearing. Tuesday’s agenda includes four spacecraft launches, three of them in the U.S.
Human Space Exploration
NASA begins America’s new Moon to Mars exploration approach in 2018
NASA (12/17): NASA offers a look back at the agency’s 2018 milestones and how many are helping to chart a course for future human deep space exploration, first with a sustained return to the lunar environment and then to Mars.

Space Science
Saturn with no rings? It could happen, and sooner than astronomers expected
New York Times (12/17): NASA’s now complete Cassini mission to Saturn reveals the famous ring system could be gone within 100 million years. It now appears Saturn’s rings appeared after the planet’s formation.
When the search for asteroids is under the weather
The Space Review (12/17): NASA is pursuing a congressionally established goal of identifying 90 percent of the near Earth objects at least 140 meters in diameter by 2020. Terrestrial weather conditions, ...

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