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On Fraudulent Pseudo-Academic Conferences and Journals

21 Sep 2018, 17:00 UTC
On Fraudulent Pseudo-Academic Conferences and Journals
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I recently watched a very interesting DEF CON 26 talk given by three investigative journalists. The journalists present their findings about fraudulent pseudo-academic conferences and journals. There are fake science factories that are cashing in on millions of dollars every year, while giving studies scientific credibility. We should not underestimate the damage these pseudo-academic conferences can do to society.
Predatory open-access publishing is an open-access academic publishing business model that is charging fees to authors without providing the services associated with legitimate journals. The model is exploitative. Academics are tricked into publishing whithout benefiting from editorial and publishing services.
Similarly, predatory conferences/meetings, despite being set up to appear as legitimate scientific conferences, do not provide proper editorial control. These conferences also claim involvement of prominent academics, which are not involved.
The characteristics associated with predatory open-access publishing include:

Accepting articles quickly with little or no peer review or quality control, including hoax and nonsensical papers.
Notifying academics of article fees only after papers are accepted.
Aggressively campaigning for academics to submit articles or serve on editorial boards.
Listing academics as members of editorial boards without their permission, and not allowing academics to resign from editorial boards.

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