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July Total Lunar Eclipse

26 Jul 2018, 07:08 UTC
July Total Lunar Eclipse
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There are very few astronomical events for which we need not leave our house, or have telescopes, filters or worry about light pollution. One such event is Lunar eclipse, an astronomical event that can be seen from where we live and without any optical aid or equipment. This time on 27th July the eclipse happens when moon is high in the sky so no worries of buildings and trees blocking the view. Here are the times of the eclipse. Moon will enter Penumbral shadow at 10:45pm on 27th July this is hard to notice as the change in brightness is very less. Moon will start entering the Umbral shadow at 11:55pm, partial eclipse phase, from here we easily see the change in brightness. Moon will be completely inside Umbral shadow from 1:00am, here we say Moon is in total eclipse phase. The totality will end at 2:44am when Moon will start becoming brighter. As moon comes out of totality we can see partial eclipse phase as some portion of Moon will be in dark and other will be in brightness. Moon will come out of Partial phase at 3:45am. The Moon will come out of Penumbral shadow at 4:48am.We urge ...

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