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Space Meow Boys

30 Jun 2018, 16:52 UTC
Space Meow Boys
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Sections of this long post:1) Space Cadets2) Space Meow Boys3) Tom Murphy4) James Nicoll5) Charlie Stross6) Opening A New Frontier Is DoableSpace CadetsWe are confined to a small, fragile planet. Being limited to a finite body of resources mean logistic growth. And we're rapidly approaching the ceiling to our logistic growth.Opening a vast new frontier would allow growth for centuries or even thousands of years. Breaking free of Cradle Earth would be the most dramatic turning point in human history. If it’s possible then this goal is well worth pursuing.But can we open the solar system to settlement and economic use? This is an open question in my opinion.Some say space settlement is impractical. Be content with our limits, we’re told. Trying to push past our boundaries is a waste of time and we shouldn’t even try.Civil, rational arguments are worth listening to. But some discussions are long on vitriol and short on math and physics.Tarring With A Wide BrushOne dirty technique is tarring with a wide brush -- First find weak members in a group. Then hold up these members up as representative of the entire group. Give them a label.Physics professor Tom Murphy does this. He holds up ...

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