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2013 TX68: Trash or Treasure?

1 Mar 2016, 22:28 UTC
2013 TX68:  Trash or Treasure?
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As asteroid 2013 TX68 nears its close approach on March 8, Dr. John S. Lewis, chief scientist at Deep Space Industries, discusses whether or not it’s a good mining prospect.

A small asteroid called 2013 TX68 is due to fly past Earth next Tuesday, March 8. And while TX68 poses no threat to our planet this time around — the latest NASA projection has the asteroid missing us by about three million miles, or 12.5 times farther away than the Moon — it is something of a curiosity to scientists and skywatchers alike.
With the arrival of asteroid 2013 TX68 fast approaching, many people have been asking us: Is Deep Space Industries interested in mining it? Unfortunately, the answer is: We really can’t say.
As Dr. John S. Lewis, chief scientist at DSI and the man who literally wrote the book on asteroid mining explains, “One problem we have is that we know very little about this asteroid’s physical and chemical nature, so it is essentially a pig in a poke.” He adds ...

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