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Today’s Deep Space Extra

20 Mar 2018, 14:07 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… NASA calls on the private sector for commercial lunar lander concepts. Recent modeling suggests Mars had an early ocean.
Human Space Exploration
NASA courts commercial options for Lunar Landers
NASAspaceflight.com (3/19): The space agency has issued a Request for Information seeking commercial interest in the development of rockets that could land on the moon. The request outlines NASA’s aim to better determine the state-of-art and maturity of lander capability in the private sector and mature its own requirements for a human-class lander. (A link to the RFI may be found here: https://www.fbo.gov/notices/f9ab19e797b4be15cb250816cbcee959

Space Science
Ancient oceans on Mars may have been older and shallower than thought
Space.com (3/19): Present day Mars is a cold, dry desert. Experts debate if, when and for how long the red planet might had a watery past. A new model points to the possibility oceans formed much earlier than previously thought and experienced disruption from the formation of massive volcanoes. Findings were published in the journal Nature.
Ideas for new NASA missions can now include spacecraft powered by plutonium
The Verge (3/19): NASA is lifting its ban on Plutonium 238 equipped radioisotope thermal electric generators for proposed planetary ...

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