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Scaling Mount Makalu with ESA Climate Change Initiative

5 Mar 2018, 14:22 UTC
Scaling Mount Makalu with ESA Climate Change Initiative
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Earth scientists working on ESA’s Climate Change Initiative are joining a Himalayan expedition this April. But for explorer and expedition lead, Carina Ahlqvist, this is just her first objective.
Swedish explorer Carina Ahlqvist. (C. Ahlqvist)
Carina, one of Sweden’s leading mountaineers, will attempt to be the first Scandinavian woman to climb Mount Makalu at the end of this scientific expedition. At 8 481 m above sea level, Makalu is the fifth highest mountain on the planet. Sitting just 19 km southeast of Everest, it is considered to be one of the world’s toughest and technically demanding climbs.
The expedition, known as the Makalu Climate Climb, is part of Carina’s bid to raise awareness of the effects of climate change on Himalayas and other high-altitude areas around the world. This is the fifth time that her expeditions have supported environmental research.
Carina explains, “Involving ESA climate research gives the expedition a real purpose, we aren’t just climbing a mountain, we are also helping to understand the environment.
“Reaching the summit will be a great achievement, but I hope it will give me a platform to highlight the far-reaching implications that climate change is having on the region such as a higher ...

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