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Today’s Deep Space Extra

19 Feb 2018, 15:00 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… A U.S. led lunar orbiting habitat could become a deep space departure point for human explorers as well as a gateway for a return to the moon’s surface. Opposition grows to 2019 budget proposals to end NASA’s oversight of the International Space Station in 2025 and cancel the WFIRST space telescope. The re-established National Space Council meets for a second time Wednesday at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Human Space Exploration
How NASA is going to use a lunar outpost to launch us into deep space
ScifyWire (2/17): NASA’s Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway (LOPG), featured in NASA’s proposed 2019 budget — could re-open the lunar surface to scientific scrutiny, human exploration and commercial activities. The gateway could also serve as a departure point for human deep space destinations, including Mars.
Spacewalking astronauts finish Canadarm2 work at breakneck speed
Spaceflightinsider.com (2/16): NASA’s Mark Vande Hei and Japan’s Norishige Kanai worked quickly on Friday to finish up a multi-spacewalk overhaul of the International Space Station’s Canadian robot arm. A key aging component, a mechanical hand removed during the start of upgrades in October, will be returned to Earth for refurbishment.
Turning our back on the International ...

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