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Today’s Deep Space Extra

16 Feb 2018, 14:01 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… Live coverage of spacewalk. Assembly of a NASA led lunar orbiting habitat for astronauts could get underway by 2022. Finland’s Space Nation looks to share the space experience. Astronomers organize to prevent cancellation of NASA’s proposed WFIRST space telescope. Nonbinding U.N. sanctioned guidelines could lower space risks.
Human Space Exploration
Live coverage of U.S. spacewalk
“NOTE: The spacewalk began at 7:00 am ET and can be watched live at nasa.gov/live”
NASA (2/15): U.S. and Japanese astronauts Mark Vande Hei and Norishige Kanai have embarked on a planned six to seven hour spacewalk outside the International Space Station early Friday to complete upgrades to the Station’s Canadian robot arm carried out during a series of four spacewalks in January and October.
NASA’s moon orbit space station, Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOPG), Planned For 2023
International Business Times (2/14): First components of a Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOPG), could be in orbit around the moon in 2022, according to a timeline in the White House budget proposal for 2019 outlined earlier this week.
Canadian Space Agency president not surprised by NASA ISS transition plans
Space News (2/15): The president of the Canadian Space Agency will wait for more detail ...

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