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Coalition for Deep Space Exploration Blog

Today’s Deep Space Extra

30 Jan 2018, 14:50 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… U.S. research and development spending is falling behind, while China’s accelerates, according to an MIT expert. Concerns grow over NASA’s lack of a permanent administrator as the agency transitions its focus from low Earth orbit to deep space.

Human Space Exploration
Revisiting “non-interference zones” in outer space
The Space Review (1/29): Significant technical, economic, and business hurdles aside, efforts to return to the moon that include commercial interests face a challenge. For instance, could mining activities or habitats on the moon or an asteroid be sheltered or reserved in the interests of safety and investor confidence from a competitor? As a concept, Non Interference Zones might address concerns raised by current law, including the Outer Space Treaty, writes Cody Knipfer, a George Washington University grad student.
Racing to space, together
Christian Science Monitor (1/29): Space exploration and science are entering a new age, one in which the Cold War era of competition between the U.S. and former Soviet Union is giving way to cooperation and competition. Seventy five nations have space initiatives of some kind, however….”There is no space race like the original space race,” says Michael Neufeld, a senior curator in the Space History ...

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