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AMT4SentinelFRM: launching balloons

16 Oct 2017, 15:06 UTC
AMT4SentinelFRM: launching balloons
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Most of the data that we collect on AMT4SentinelFRM are water profiles or continuous surface water measurements. However, every day at midday we also collect atmospheric data when Werenfrid Wimmer from the University of Southampton launches a weather balloon aft of the Conductivity, Temperature and Density CTD winch gantry.
These balloons carry a device, which is about the size of your hand, through the lower atmosphere. It collects atmospheric temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, wind direction and geographic position data as it ascends to about 30 km above the ship and travels up to 50 km away from it.
A radiosonde, about the size of your hand, is launched during the ATM4SentinelFRM campaign each day to collect atmospheric data. (PML)
The device carried by the balloon is known as a radiosonde and is powered by batteries (6 AA Alkaline) that transmit the data by radio to a ground receiver at a frequency of 403 MHz.
On land, hundreds of radiosondes are launched everyday all over the world, and the data forms an essential component of numerical weather prediction. There are very few of these launches over the open ocean, so the data that Werenfrid collects on this year’s AMT4SentinelFRM campaign ...

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