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Made In Space

3D Printing In Space: Four Months In

11 Jun 2015, 22:08 UTC
3D Printing In Space: Four Months In
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3D Printing In Space:Four Months InAn update from Made In SpaceThe world’s first Zero-Gravity 3D Printer has completed its initial task. Fourteen unique objects have now been additively manufactured on the International Space Station as part of the “3D Printing in Zero-Gravity Technology Demonstration.”A detailed graphic that shows all of the parts that were printed as part of the 3D Printing in Zero Gravity Technology Demonstration.Duplicate PrintsAlthough there were only 14 unique objects printed, 25 parts were printed in total. Duplicates were printed in order to determine the consistency of the printer over time. The part that was printed the most was the “calibration coupon” for a total of five times . Like a calibration page that standard inkjet printers print out when connected for the first time, the calibration coupon was used to verify that the 3D printer was working as expected. The “tensile test” was printed four times and both the “compression test” and the “flex test” were printed three times. Everything else was printed once.Italian Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti holds up the build plate after printing of the “Column” part. After a visual inspection, each part was removed from the build plate and stowed in flexible sample containers ...

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