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Made In Space

Build Among the Stars

27 Apr 2016, 18:42 UTC
Build Among the Stars
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Image Credit: NASAThere is a word uttered often in the halls and labs and bullpen of Made In Space. In fact, there are many, but I don’t mean CAD or extruder or payload or what time are we ordering dinner?I mean interplanetary.Each one of us passes a statement on the wall as we walk in: building the tools for an interplanetary reality. So even as we get in the weeds of mechanical design or material analysis, we are guided by a grand challenge to consider and build for the realities of living and working in environments beyond the terrestrial.Grand Vision, Incremental ProgressThe challenges of an interplanetary reality for humans are myriad, but most of our immediate work is on how manufacturing can be done in microgravity. You might have heard about when we sent the first experimental 3D printer into space. Two years later, we’re launching the first commercial 3D printer into space. We’re incredibly lucky to play a small part in what we think will be a complex ecosystem of technologies that enable life and work in the space environment. We have been fortunate to collaborate with Marshall Space Flight Center’s In-Space Manufacturing Group in their mission to empower ...

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