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Made In Space

Meet Made In Space Engineers for Engineers Week 2017

14 Apr 2017, 19:13 UTC
Meet Made In Space Engineers for Engineers Week 2017
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This year’s nationally observed Engineers Week (Feb. 19 to 25) celebrates the accomplishments of engineers and highlights their contributions and importance to society. The 2017 theme — “dream big” — is a fitting description of what goes on daily at Made In Space’s (MIS) Mountain View, Calif., office at NASA Ames Research Park, Moffett Field. There, MIS engineers are solving the challenges of how to best manufacture in space and how to unlock the enormous potential of a space economy.Three MIS program managers — Jan Clawson, Paul Shestople and Eric Joyce, and two interns, Teddy Lee, and Howie Schulman, recently reflected on what the company has achieved in its seven years of existence, and talked about the exciting future they are working to build.“The Additive Manufacturing Facility, which we deployed to the International Space Station in 2016, is really a foundational technology for everything we are working on,” said Shestople, who joined MIS in August 2016 and manages the company’s partnership with Lowe’s. “3D printing simplifies many challenges of off-world exploration and colonization. Our passion at MIS is enabling human colonization of other planets.”Project Manager Paul ShestopleShestople, who studied physics at the University of California Berkeley says, “Archinaut will enable ...

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