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Could Ego the Living Planet really exist?

12 May 2017, 14:13 UTC
Could Ego the Living Planet really exist?
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By Rhys L Griffiths
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 recently made its way to our cinema screens and introduced brand new characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of those characters is Ego the Living Planet, a sentient planet who also happens to be Star Lord’s father. This got me thinking, could a living planet really exist?
©Marvel – Ego the Living Planet
Ego the living Planet made his first appearance in Thor issue #132 back in September 1966. He told Thor that he came to be as a result of a scientist merging with a planet when that planet’s sun went nova. Over the years Ego has gone through a lot. He’s gone insane, he’s attacked planet Earth, he found out he had a brother called Alter-Ego (I promise I’m not making this up) and now in the recent Guardians of the Galaxy movie he has fathered a child. You may be thinking ‘how can a planet father a child?’ or ‘Why does that planet have a beard?’ (I imagine it’s difficult to shave if you’re a planet.) Well for the latest movie they did change Ego’s backstory slightly, making him a celestial being who floated around space ...

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