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Question About the Remnant for Supernova 386

30 Apr 2017, 03:03 UTC
Question About the Remnant for Supernova 386
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Question: I was wondering about the Supernova 386 observed by Chinese astronomers and its remnant. There seems to be some controversy regarding whether the remnant of SN 386 is NR G11.2-0.3 or not. This website lists that as being the remnant as SN386, however research by Kazimierz J. Borkowski, Stephen P. Reynolds, and Mallory S. E. Roberts and their paper in The Astrophysical Journal give evidence discounting the prior belief of NR G11.2-0.3 as the remnant of SN 386. Is this true, and if so, does that mean that 386 is in fact not a supernova? Thank you. — Dylan
Answer: The recent research into the properties of the G11.2-0.3 nebular region by Borkowski, Reynolds, and Mallory indeed seems to indicate that this nebula is not the remnant associated with the supernova SN 386. It does, though, appear to be a remnant associated with a supernova of type cIIb or Ibc.
Jeff Mangum

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